How to Convert PDF to Word With Adobe 9

By Tammy Clevenger

Adobe Acrobat 9 is the industry standard application for creating and manipulating Portable Document Format documents. Using Adobe Acrobat Professional or Standard, the user may edit and modify, create and secure, and organize PDFs. In addition, Adobe Acrobat provides many additional features such as the ability to easily convert PDFs to Microsoft Word documents with just a few clicks. No conversion programs are required and the conversion may be performed "on the fly."

Step 1

Open the PDF to convert to Microsoft Word in the Adobe Acrobat 9 application.

Step 2

Click the "File" option on the top navigation bar of Adobe Acrobat.

Step 3

Click the"Save As" option.

Step 4

Select the "PDF to Word" option.

Step 5

Type a name for the document. Select a Word file type (.doc or .docx) and click the "Save" button. The document is now saved as a Microsoft Word document.