How to Convert PRC to Kindle

By Jay Darrington

Palm Resource Code, or PRC files, are the standard for viewing eBooks on a Palm device. A reading program such as eReader was usually required to read such books. However, with the debut of the Amazon Kindle, PRC files can now be read on the device after a brief conversion. This means that if you have an extensive eBook collection on your Palm device, you can use it on your Kindle.

Things You'll Need

  • Kindle/Amazon account

Step 1

Send an email with the PRC file as an attachment to, where "username" is your Kindle username. Amazon then automatically converts and uploads the file to your Kindle. Note that this does cost money, but you can use to have a converted Kindle file sent to the email account registered with your Kindle.

Step 2

Use conversion software that can convert your PRC file to a Kindle file. Software and programs exist both online and offline that can convert your PRC file to a file that the Kindle can read. (See "Resources" for sample programs.)

Step 3

Transfer the PRC file to your Kindle via USB cable. Some PRC files are capable of being directly converted by the Kindle to allow you to view them. At the very least, they will be viewable, even if still PRC files.

Tips & Warnings

  • PRC files with Digital Rights Management attached to them (such as PRC files purchased from stores) will be unusable by the Kindle.