How to Convert Printers to WiFi

By Ryan Casima

Wi-Fi printers are much more convenient than wired printers in many ways. Wi-Fi printers eliminate the need for bundles of wires to connect printers. With wireless access, you can print a paper from a location that would be otherwise inaccessible with wires, such as another room or even a separate building. Also, Wi-Fi printers can be connected to an unlimited number of computers within your wireless router's range. Converting a regular printer into a Wi-Fi printer requires a wireless printer adapter and a wireless printer router.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless Printer Router
  • Wireless Printer Adapter

How To Convert A Wired Printer To Wi-Fi

Step 1

Buy a wireless printer adapter that is compatible with your printer. If you can, buy the adapter from the same manufacturer as the printer. Also, buy a wireless printer router or server--which are the same things--preferably from the same manufacturer.

Step 2

Take the wireless router and connect it to your computer. Install any necessary software.

Step 3

Plug the wireless adapter into the USB port of your printer. Install any necessary software.

Step 4

Access the control panel of your computer and select the "Network and Sharing Center." Click on the "Printer Sharing" tab. In the window that pops up, click on "Turn on Printer Sharing" then save the changes by hitting "Apply."

Step 5

Access "View Computers and Devices." In the toolbar on the left, select "Add Printer." Click on "Add a Wireless Printer." The name of your printer should appear on the list in the new page; click on your printer, then hit "Next." Check all the changes you have made then click "Finish." Print a page to test the connection between your computer and the printer.