How to Convert Rar Files to ISO Files

By Mitchell White

ISO files are images of the data on a CD. This means that you can use an ISO file to back up a CD, or in some cases, play a CD's contents without the original disk. An ISO file that has been compressed inside a RAR file won't be usable until you decompress it. You can decompress and access your ISO file by using a website or program that can make this happen.

Step 1

Use WinRar as one option for decompressing your ISO file. This program is completely free to use and it's the native program for RAR, which makes it a good choice for unlocking RAR files. Double-click on your RAR file once you have WinRar installed and it should load automatically. The ISO inside your RAR file will appear in a box and you can then decompress it by clicking and dragging it to your computer's desktop.

Step 2

Download and install Winzip as another program you can use to decompress your RAR file. This program works in just about the same way as WinRar, but has some additional options. You must purchase the full version to continue using the program after your trial period runs out.

Step 3

Visit WOBZIP. You can use this website to upload your RAR file, decompress it, and download the ISO file inside with just a few button clicks. The website is completely free to use, and the faster your Internet connection is, the faster you can download your ISO file.