How to Convert SanDisk Cruzer to NTFS

By Lindsay Howell

Cruzer is a series of flash drives made for by SanDisk. These flash drives come in different sizes such as 16 GB and 32 GB. No matter the size, all Cruzer flash drives work the same way. If you want to change the Cruzer to function in the NTFS (New Technology File System) file format, the flash memory must be formatted into that file format. Keep in mind that all information stored on the drive will be erased when the Cruzer is formatted, so make sure you back up the important data beforehand.

Step 1

Insert the Cruzer's USB connector into the USB port of the computer.

Step 2

Click "Start" > "Control Panel."

Step 3

Click "System and Maintenance" > "Administrative Tools." Double-click "Computer Management."

Step 4

Click "Disk Management." Right-click the Cruzer on the next screen and choose "Format."

Step 5

Click "NTFS" in the file format box. Click "OK," and then "OK" on the next screen to format the Cruzer.