How to Convert Text to Upper Case in Excel 2007

By Paul Dohrman

You can use the UPPER function in Excel 2007 to convert text in one cell into all-caps text in other cells. Or you can use the PROPER function to convert the text so the start of each word is capitalized.

Step 1

Convert text in a cell, say cell A1, into fully capitalized text in another cell, say B1, with the UPPER function. For example, type in B1 the following: =UPPER(A1). You can even copy the contents of B1 into A1 by right-clicking the mouse on B1, selecting Copy, then right-clicking A1, and selecting “Paste Special” and “Value.” (If you insert the formula instead, the reference will be circular and you’ll get an error.)

Step 2

Convert the returned value of a formula using the following syntax: =UPPER(function). For example, if the original function in a cell is =IF(A1>B1,C1&D1,A1), then change the cell contents to =UPPER(IF(A1>B1,C1&D1,A1)).

Step 3

Perform this capitalization conversion on more than one cell at once as follows. For a row of text, say A1 to A100, type in an empty cell, say B1, the following: =UPPER(A1). Highlight B2 to B100. Click "Home." Click "Fill." Click "Down." The B-column cells now range in contents from =UPPER(A1) to =UPPER(A100). Now just perform a special paste of the column as for the single cell in Step 1.