How to Convert VGA to HDMI

By Gabriel Dockery

With computer monitor manufacturers quickly deprecating the VGA format it is becoming harder and harder to find computer monitors that are natively compatible with already installed graphics solutions. This is not to say, however, that one must buy a new graphics solution to utilize a newer monitor as there are ways to convert VGA to HDMI for use with newer monitors to avoid having to buy a costly new graphics solution. Converting VGA to HDMI simply means installing a signal converter midline between the video source and monitor. This process is easy and can be accomplished by any computer user.

Things You'll Need

  • VGA to HDMI Audio Video ConverterHDMI CableVGA Cable

Converting the Signal

Step 1

Power down your computer system.

Step 2

Connect your VGA to HDMI audio video converter's power supply to the converter's electrical input and an appropriate electrical socket.

Step 3

Connect your monitor's HDMI cable between the monitor and the VGA to HDMI audio video converter's HDMI port. This port is located on the side opposite of the electrical input socket.

Step 4

Connect your VGA cable between the computer's VGA out port and the VGA to HDMI audio video converter's VGA in port. This port is located on the same side you inserted the cord from the power supply into.

Step 5

Power your computer back up and ensure the VGA to HDMI audio video converter is in fact working and transmitting images to your monitor.

Tips & Warnings

  • Though VGA to HDMI is possible it is not as efficient as having HDMI capable graphics solution in terms of video quality.