How to Convert VHS to MP4

By Kyle W. Bell

Converting your VHS movies to MP4 format requires you to have a VCR and a computer and a converter that connects the two of them. This will help you preserve the movies that you love, including your homemade videos that captured those priceless moments in your life. VHS movies are susceptible to damage. Digitizing your videos is the best way to protect them from irreparable harm. Following these steps will help you ensure that they are safe.

Things You'll Need

  • VHS tape
  • VCR
  • Computer
  • Converter
  • USB cable


Step 1

Connect your VCR to your computer using an external capture device, such as the Diamond VC600. Simply plug the RC cables (yellow, white and red) into the external device and plug the USB cable into your computer.

Step 2

Turn on your VCR and your computer.

Step 3

Select a file format to export your video, such as MP4.

Step 4

Record your video using the software included with your converter. Some devices will have a physical button on the converter, although you can select "record" from within the program itself on Windows.

Step 5

Wait for the video to record and play it back to confirm that the conversion was successful.