How to Convert Video From DVD to Flash Drive

By Andrew Schrader

Ripping a DVD to a hard drive requires a program that can convert and compress the DVD video to a computer-friendly format. Several free programs, such as HandBrake, free for download, allow their users to rip DVDs to a number of different formats, including the popular MOV, AVI, and MP4 file extensions. Which format you use for copying to a flash drive depends largely on the flash drive's storage capacity. Most feature-length videos can be compressed to MP4s or AVIs to fit on a standard 1GB flash drive. MP4 videos are smaller, more compressed files than AVIs, which may be more useful for storing on smaller flash drives. Please note that converting video from DVD may result in a loss of audio/video quality, based on compression standards.

Things You'll Need

  • HandBrake (see link in Resource 1)

Step 1

Download HandBrake. Install and agree to its terms of use. Open HandBrake.

Step 2

Insert your DVD into the computer. HandBrake should automatically recognize the disc. If not, click the "Browse" icon on HandBrake's main screen.Locate the DVD in the finder window. Once you have set HandBrake to read the DVD, it will appear under the "Source" icon.

Step 3

Decide which chapters or files you want to rip. Click on the "Title" and "Chapters" menu bars to select your video files.

Step 4

Click the "Presets" button on the right side of your screen. To convert your DVD to an MP4, select one of the "iPod" or "iPod Touch" options. You can also scroll through other options by clicking on the "Format" icon under the "Output Settings" menu.

Step 5

Insert the flash drive into your computer.In the HandBrake main screen, click the "Browse..." button to choose your file's output destination.Choose your flash drive in the pop-up menu (Make sure you have enough room on your drive). The video will automatically save to your flash drive.

Step 6

Click "Start" at HandBrake's main menu to begin the conversion process. Depending on your file's size, this may take several minutes.