How to Convert WMA to Audio CD

By Mario Calhoun

Windows Media Audio (WMA) tracks located in the music library of your Windows Media Player can be burned to an audio CD as long as your computer has a CD-RW drive. Prior to burning you can organize your WMA tracks in the program's burn list, which keeps your tracklisting until your manually delete the tracks from the list. Once burned, the CD can be played in any computer or media player that supports CD-R discs.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Media Player 10 or later
  • Blank CD-R disc
  • CD-RW drive

Step 1

Click the Start menu button at the bottom of the PC's desktop, click "All Programs" and choose "Windows Media Player."

Step 2

Select "Library" and click "Burn List." Click the "Music" tab on the left side of the program to access your music library.

Step 3

Drag-and-drop the WMA tracks from the music section to the Burn list. Drag the tracks above each other to rearrange the tracklisting order.

Step 4

Press the button on your CD-RW drive to eject the disc tray, and lay the blank CD-R disc onto the tray with the label side facing up. Push the tray back in, and click the "Start Burn" button underneath the tracklisting in Windows Media Player.

Step 5

Select "Audio CD" in the pop-up menu, and click "Start" to begin burning the tracks to a CD.