How to Convert WPL to MP3

By Randall Jenson

You may have spent much time and energy creating your favorite Windows Media Player playlist (WPL). To transfer all the songs to another media player, convert the songs in .WMA or .AAC audio to the universal Mp3 song format for quick and convenient playback. This is easy to do with the right conversion program. iSkysoft Video Converter is one of the most economically priced conversion programs ($39 as of 2009) and provides several audio and video file options.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Media Player
  • iSkysoft Audio & Video Converter

Step 1

Visit the website to download the video conversion program. Choose the Mac or Windows tab and click on the first choice "DVD Ripper" under either operating system's downloadable programs. Download and install the iSkysoft DVD conversion program.

Step 2

Open Windows Media Player. Under the second tab labeled "Library," locate your saved WPL (Windows Playlist) files and choose the WMA or AAC song files you want to manually convert. Right-click on each song in either of these file types and click on the last option, "Open File Location." Write down the locations and names of the files in WMA or AAC formats that need to be converted.

Step 3

Double-click the small iSkysoft Video Converter symbol that was installed on your desktop. Open the program and click the first tab, "Add..." at the top menu bar, where a new directory window will appear.

Step 4

Select a direct file path for the WMA or AAC audio file you want to convert. Once chosen, the file(s) will appear in the main screen of iSkysoft to begin conversion.

Step 5

At the bottom of the iSkysoft program, click the small tab next to the "Convert to" option on the left side of the screen. Select the audio section, where a variety of audio formats will be provided. Choose Mp3.

Step 6

Click the small tab next to the "Target Path" option on the right side of the screen. Select the directory path to where you would like your new, converted Mp3 files saved.

Step 7

Once your conversion parameters are set, click the large blue "Start" button at the bottom of iSkysoft program screen. Do not open any other programs during the process to allow the quickest conversion time possible. Once finished, select your new Mp3 audio file from the selected directory to play in Quicktime and a variety of multimedia programs.