How to Convert XLS Files for Mac

By Regina Edwards

The Apple iWorks spreadsheet application, Numbers, opens Microsoft Excel files (.xls) directly through the open application, using a drag-and-drop method for automatically converting the file or by importing the data. According to Apple, iWorks '09 has enhanced compatibility with Microsoft Office. Numbers opens Excel workbooks and spreadsheets and saves objects, embedded tables and charts as separate worksheets. Gain control over the organization of the worksheets by moving embedded objects to a separate spreadsheet before sending the file to a Mac user.

Step 1

Open the desired .xls file and review the contents for each spreadsheet for embedded objects, tables and charts.

Step 2

Create a new spreadsheet by selecting "New Worksheet" under "Insert" in the top menu bar.

Step 3

Click the embedded object and select "Cut" under "Edit" in the top menu bar.

Step 4

Navigate to the newly created worksheet and paste the object (by selecting "Paste" under "Edit" in the top menu bar).

Step 5

Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each object in each spreadsheet.

Step 6

Select "Save" under "File" in the top menu bar or select "Save As" under "File" to save the document under a new file name. Click the "Save" button.

Tips & Warnings

  • Mac users should be sure to install program upgrades because conversion utilities and add-ins enhance compatibility across platforms and file types.