How to Copy a CD-ROM

By Contributing Writer

Copying CD-ROMs allow you to share data with other users. Knowing how to copy CD-ROMs is nearly essential knowledge when using computers as it can allow you to transport and transfer data easily. Most computers have ways of copying CD-ROMs that are nearly automatic and very intuitive.

Step 1

Insert the CD-ROM you want to copy into your computer.

Step 2

Open your CD to show its contents. On a Mac, you can do this by double clicking on the CD icon that appears. On a PC running Windows, you should be prompted to view the CD's files after you've inserted it or you can access the CD's contents by navigating to it through the "My Computer" icon. Click on the icon, select the drive where it is and click on the CD shortcut icon in the Windows browser.

Step 3

Select and drag the files on the disc onto your desktop.

Step 4

Wait for the files to copy onto your computer.

Step 5

Eject the CD you are copying and insert the CD you want to burn into your computer's CD-ROM drive. A CD icon should appear on your desktop.

Step 6

Double click the CD icon, which should open a "Finder" window on a Mac or a "Windows Explorer" window on a PC.

Step 7

Drag the files you copied onto your desktop in Step 3 into the blank CD folder.

Step 8

Navigate to "File," then "Write these files to CD" on a PC and follow the CD writing wizard that comes up, or hit the black-and-yellow burn icon on the left-hand column of the "Finder" window if using a Mac.

Step 9

Choose your burn speed on a Mac, then hit "Burn."

Step 10

Eject the CD when you are done.