How to Copy a DVD Movie to Another DVD

By Nathan Egelhof

Following the inception of the digital video disc, or digital versatile disc (DVD), in the late 1990s, the video industry progressed so quickly that civilian software was slow to catch up. Most compact-disc (CD)-copying software is not equipped to handle the enormity of DVDs. The most common software used for copying non-licensed DVDs is DVD Shrink, a freeware program for all users.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD±RW drive (DVD-writable drive)
  • DVD±RW disc

Step 1

Download DVD Shrink (see Resources). It is freeware, which is free software.

Step 2

Double-click the downloaded file to run the setup for DVD Shrink. Click "Next" on the first page of the setup.

Step 3

Read through the License Agreement and select "I accept the agreement" and click "Next" to continue with the installation.

Step 4

Click the "Browse" button to select the desired folder destination for the program; then click "Next." The next menu of the program's setup determines where the shortcuts for DVD Shrink should be placed.

Step 5

To place the program's shortcuts on the default start menu, click "Next." The final option is to place additional shortcut icons. Select or deselect the desired preference and click "Next."

Step 6

End the installation process with a confirmation of selected options. Read over this page to ensure everything is as desired; if it is not, click the "Back" button to make changes. If everything looks right, click "Install" to finish the setup.

Step 7

Double-click the installed DVD Shrink program to run it.

Step 8

Click on the disc icon labeled "Open Disc" or select "File>Open Disc."

Step 9

Select the DVD drive where the disc you want to copy is located. Click "OK."

Step 10

Click the icon labeled "Backup!" at the top of the page, or select "File>Backup," once the disc is loaded.

Step 11

Select a destination folder for the temporary copy. At this stage of the copy process, DVD Shrink makes a copy, or backup, of the DVD and stores it on the computer in the destination you select. This is so you can eventually remove the original DVD and insert the DVD±RW.

Step 12

Watch for DVD Shrink to notify you once the DVD is done copying and prompt you to enter the DVD±RW.

Step 13

Insert the DVD±RW into the DVD±RW drive.

Step 14

Click "OK." The temporary DVD data will now burn onto the DVD±RW.

Tips & Warnings

  • DVD Shrink offers many additional services to perform on copying a DVD, such as re-authoring (selecting individual parts to copy), menu creation, and deep analysis and error correction (for better quality).Make sure there is sufficient space on your hard drive before copying the original DVD.
  • Copying licensed DVDs is illegal and strictly prohibited in the United States and some other nations under penalty of law.

References & Resources