How to Copy a Page From a PDF File

By Cooper Temple

Portable Document Format (PDF) has become a standard way to distribute documents electronically. Because of the versatility of the PDF format, nearly any user with a PDF reading program can use the material. Just as with any other type of electronic document, PDF files can range in size from a single page to an unlimited number. Due to the size of a PDF, you may find that you need only one page from the original. You can copy a page from a PDF file, with the right software, by following a few steps.

Things You'll Need

  • PDF file
  • PDF writing program

Step 1

Install a PDF writing program, such as Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro. Adobe Acrobat Pro is used in the steps that follow, and a free trial version is available at Other PDF writing applications are available, but you need to make certain that any you are considering have a feature that allows you to extract pages from a document.

Step 2

Open the source PDF document from which you want to copy a page. Select the “Open” option from the “File” drop down menu. Use the “Look in” drop-down menu to find the folder to which the source file is saved. Highlight the file name and click once on the “Open” button.

Step 3

Click once on the “Document” menu and select the “Extract Pages” option. This will launch a separate dialogue box. Populate the “From” and “To” fields with the page number that you want to copy. The fields will be populated with the page number if it is currently being viewed. Choose the “Extract Pages as Separate Files” option and click once on the “OK” button.

Step 4

Use the “Browse for Folder” dialogue box to choose a folder in which to save the copied page. Click once on the OK” button. To open the single page, click once on the “Open” option under the “File” menu. Choose the folder to which you saved the copied page. The file name for the copied page will be listed as the name of the source document followed by the page number. For example, if you copied page 3 of the “Demand Studio Handbook,” the file name would be listed as “Demand Studio Handbook 3.pdf.” Select the file and click once on the “Open” button.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many PDFs allow you to highlight text and copy and paste, but this is for only the text, not the layout and formatting of the page.