How to Copy a Program Into a Jump or Flash Drive

By James Clark

Flash and jump drives offer computer data storage on a device the size of a stick of gum. Anyone who ever toiled with floppy disks and A:/ drive error messages can appreciate the advantage offered by these newer forms of digital storage. The drive plugs into a free USB port on any computer in seconds to copy files from the computer. Copying programs into a portable drive takes only a minute.

Things You'll Need

  • jump or flash drive

Step 1

Insert the portable drive into a free USB port on the computer. The drive inserts in one direction only.

Step 2

Wait for the "New Hardware Detected" message to appear on the screen.

Step 3

Select the program to be copied from the list of software on the computer and use the right-hand mouse button to click on the name, then select "Copy."

Step 4

Open the flash or jump drive on a Mac by double-clicking the desktop icon for the drive. Open the drive on a Windows computer by double-clicking "My Computer" and then double-clicking the name of the drive, typically (E:).

Step 5

Position the cursor anywhere in the blank field and right-click the mouse, then choose "Paste" to copy the program onto the flash or jump drive. This make take a few minutes, depending on the size of the file.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check the capacity of the jump or flash drive before attempting to copy large program files to make sure the device contains enough storage space. The storage capacity should be printed on the drive. If not, right click on the drive icon while it is connected to the computer, then select "Properties" to display the storage capacity.
  • Some software may be copy protected and unable to be stored on a jump or flash drive.