How to Copy an Excel Spreadsheet Into a Word Document

By Tim Mammadov

Microsoft Excel and Word are business and home oriented programs from the Microsoft Office suite. Excel creates and edits spreadsheets, while Word does the same for text documents. Although you can compile tables in Word, it's much easier copy a spreadsheet from Excel into an open document. In addition, you can link the two documents and whatever changes you make in Excel spreadsheet will automatically take place in the Word data you pasted.

Step 1

Click and hold the left, top cell in your Excel spreadsheet using your mouse and then move it down and right to select all cells you want to copy.

Step 2

Open the Word document and click the "Home" tab on top.

Step 3

Click "Paste" and select "Paste Special."

Step 4

Select "Excel Worksheet Object" from the "As" list and check "Paste link" in the "Paste Special" window. Click "OK."

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't want linking, select "Paste" in the "Paste Special" window in Step 4.