How to Copy iTunes to Flash Drives

By Andrew Schrader

When you import iTunes audio or video files into the iTunes library, the program automatically indexes all your files to a separate location on your hard drive. By default, your files are stored in a "iTunes" folder in your "Music" or "My Music" folder. To copy your Apple iTunes files to a flash drive, you need to locate the indexed files on your computer. Make sure you have enough room on your flash drive to copy all the desired files.

Step 1

Quit iTunes, if opened. Insert your flash drive into your computer. Your computer should recognize the device automatically. If prompted, open your flash drive and choose a location to copy your files to. If your computer does not prompt you, locate your device in the "My Computer" window, if on a PC, or in "Finder" if on a Mac.

Step 2

Locate the iTunes folder on your hard drive. If running Windows 7, your folder will be located at "\Users\username\My Music\." If running Mac OS X, this is located at "/Users/username/Music."

Step 3

Copy all your files by dragging and dropping the entire iTunes music folder from your computer to your flash drive. To copy individual files, select one, and drag and drop it into the desired flash drive location. Wait for your files to copy.

Tips & Warnings

  • To copy multiple adjacent files, click your top file, hold down the "SHIFT" key on your keyboard and click the last file in the list.
  • To copy multiple non-adjacent files, hold down the "CTRL" key (if on a PC), or the "COMMAND" key (if on a Mac) and click each individual file.
  • Copying files to your flash drive may take several minutes, depending on the size of your files.