How to Copy Messages From Yahoo! Mail to a Hard Drive

By Greyson Ferguson

Yahoo! Mail is a popular free email service. Anyone can sign up for an account at any time or place. While using sending and receiving emails through Yahoo! you might come across a message that you want to save. This message can easily be placed onto your hard drive through the aid of a word processor. Even if you do not have a purchased word processor, your computer came preinstalled with one.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • Word processor
  • Yahoo! Mail account

Step 1

Launch your Internet browser and sign in to your Yahoo! Mail email account.

Step 2

Open the message you want to save to your hard drive.

Step 3

Click and drag over the entire message. You are going to see your message appear with a blue box over it. This means all of the text has been highlighted.

Step 4

Copy the text by either right-clicking the highlighted area and selecting "Copy" from the pull-down menu, pressing "Control" and "C," or clicking "Edit" followed by "Copy."

Step 5

Launch the word processor program you have installed on the computer. Once open click "Edit," "Paste" (or "File," "Paste"). The email is now copied into the word processor. Click "File," followed by "Save," then name and save the document.

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