How to Copy Old Photos With a Digital Camera

By Nicole Carlin

Photographs are memories of people and places in time. They provide a physical representation of memories by preserving them. As photographs get older they can deteriorate. It's a good idea to have backup copies. Copying photos can be done with a scanner, but it's also possible to copy them with a digital camera. Having the ability to copy photos means that as well as preserving your own photos you can make copies of other people's photo albums.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital Camera
  • Tripod
  • Lamp or Desk Light

Step 1

Set the photo on a flat surface. Place the tripod directly above it.

Step 2

Attach the camera to the tripod. Turn the tripod's camera support upside down so the camera points directly at the photograph.

Step 3

Set the lamps up around the photo and shine them on it. Make sure there is no glare on the image.

Step 4

Turn on the digital camera. Set it to capture highest quality photo. Set your ISO speed on the lowest setting.

Step 5

Take a picture with the digital camera. Ensure you have a steady hand to avoid blurring or distorting the image. Look back at the result and repeat until happy with the outcome.