How to Copy & Paste From a Secure PDF

By Amber Riippa

Adobe Reader is software made to make reading documents simple. You need a version of Adobe Reader to view PDF files on the Internet. If you want to copy text from a secure (locked) PDF file, you will not be able to unless you use a program or website specifically designed to crack PDF files. You will always be able to open a PDF you secured yourself as long as you have the password. To lock your own PDF file, you must have Adobe PDF Acrobat 9 Pro software installed.

Unlock a Locked PDF

Step 1

Locate the locked PDF file from the Internet that you wish to unlock and right-click the link and go to "Save Link As..." in Mozilla Firefox, "Save Target As..." in Internet Explorer, and "Download Linked File As..." in Safari. Save the file to your desktop, rename the file if desired by typing a new file name in the first text box near the bottom next to "File name:", and click "Save."

Step 2

Visit Ensode's PDF-crack webpage (see Resources).

Step 3

Read the link to the terms and conditions near the bottom of the webpage (see Resources) and click the box next to "I accept the terms and conditions" to accept them.

Step 4

Click "Browse..." under the check box from the previous step, click the "Desktop" in the upper left-hand panel, and find and double-click your PDF that you saved to your desktop. There is a 5 MB cap on the size of the PDF files you can unlock. Click "Submit" under the "Browse..." button and your unlocked PDF file will open on the next page.

Step 5

Highlight the text you wish to copy on the PDF, right-click anywhere on the page, and click "Copy" or press "CTRL" and "C" simultaneously on your keyboard. To paste the text, simply press "CTRL" and "V" simultaneously or right-click and click "Paste."