How to Copy & Paste in Excel VBA

By Jaime Avelar

Copying and pasting data from one cell to another is a common task in Microsoft Office Excel. Getting this task done using Visual Basic for Applications, or VBA, can save you a lot of time if you have to copy and paste in many spreadsheets, because VBA allows you to write sub procedures that you can execute to perform a task such as copy and paste. Use VBA's Selection.Copy method to copy data in a particular cell and paste it in another using the Paste method.

Step 1

Launch Excel and type "copy this data" in cell A1. Click the "Developer" tab and click "Visual Basic." Insert a new module by clicking the "Insert" menu and "Module."

Step 2

Start a new sub procedure in Visual Basic Editor by typing the following VBA code:Private Sub copyAndPaste()

Step 3

Continue by adding the following VBA code to copy A1 data to D1: Range("A1").Select Selection.Copy Range("D1").Select ActiveSheet.Paste

Step 4

Type "End Sub" to end the sub procedure.