How to Copy & Paste Without Using the Mouse

By Chris Moore

The computer mouse has become an integral part of all computer operations. It is possible, however, to perform most commands, including copying words on the screen and pasting them elsewhere, on a computer program without a mouse if you know the correct keys to use. This process works for copying text or words that you have entered yourself on a document or within a text box, although it won't work for copying/pasting words on an HTML (website) or PDF page.

Step 1

Maneuver the cursor to the text you wish to copy using the directional keys located on the right side of the keyboard. If you need to move from one text box to another, use the "Tab" key.

Step 2

Press and hold down the "Shift" key, then press the directional key you need (the right key if the cursor is at the beginning of the word). Each time you press the direction key while holding "Shift," one space of text will highlight.

Step 3

Press the "C" key while also pressing and holding down the "Control" key to copy the highlighted text.

Step 4

Move to the text box you want to paste the text onto with the "Tab" key, or use the direction keys to move to the section of the document you need. Press the "Enter" key if you need to clear more space on the document.

Step 5

Press "Control" and "V" simultaneously to paste the copied text onto the document or into the box.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are using a Mac computer, use the "Command" key instead of the "Control" key in all of the above steps.