How to Copy Protect a CD

By Kefa Olang

Adding a copy protection to your data, audio or video files on your CD or DVD prevents your software, or music and videos from being ripped and stolen, so you don't have to worry about piracy. A recent study by the Business Software Alliance shows that software piracy is up 38 percent since last year with estimated losses of $53 billion dollars to companies. With these guidelines and copy protection software, you can safely place a lock on your files.

Step 1

Download WTM CD Protect from the download link in the resource center. Follow the setup and installation instructions.

Step 2

Doubleclick "WTM Copy Protection" from your desktop or from the location that you saved it to after the installation.

Step 3

Place your burned CD or DVD into your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Click the "Wizard" button on the left when your program opens up.

Step 4

Click "Image" on the new window, then select your CD or your DVD from the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. Select the CD/DVD-image files on your CD or DVD that you want to protect, then click "Open." Select your file type.

Step 5

Select the CD audio type to protect a musical CD or CD data type to protect data files saved on your disc. Select DVD to protect a DVD movie or DVD data disc to protect data files on a DVD disc. Click "Protect" to protect your CD or DVD.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are many other copy protection softwares with generally similar processes. Research around if you would like to use a different one.

References & Resources