How to Copy Yahoo Email to a CD

By Barry Shaw

Sometimes you receive email messages that you want to keep. There are times you compose an email that you would like to save for your records. The email can be saved to a folder within your email client or it can be saved to a folder on your computer. But if you save electronic mail to your computer, the messages could be gone forever if you suffer a crash. The safest way to preserve your email is to copy it to a CD.

Things You'll Need

  • Yahoo email address
  • Blank CD

Step 1

Log in to your Yahoo email account. Open the email you want to copy to a CD. Organize those messages you want to save by creating a folder in your Yahoo mail for all the messages you want to export to a disc.

Step 2

Insert a blank CD into your computer's disc player. Click "Start," "Computer" or "My Computer" (Windows XP) and you will see an icon of the CD you just inserted, most likely on the "E" drive.

Step 3

Click the "Print" link to the far right with the email message open in Yahoo. This opens your message in a separate window. Cancel the print box and the message will stay open in the new window.

Step 4

Click "File," "Save Page As" (or Ctrl S). Give your document a name because the default name will be "showMessage." Change the "Save as type" to "text file." You have the option to save it as a text file or as a "Web Page." Since you are copying the email to a CD, to possibly print at a later date, it's best to save it as a text file. Click on "Folders" to the left and select "Computer." Highlight the "E" drive (or whatever drive letter your CD is on) and click save. Your email message has now been copied to CD.

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