How to Copyright a Blog

By R. Sinclair

The moment you put something on the Internet, you run the risk of content theft. There are many unscrupulous individuals who will steal content from your blog and use it on their own websites. They use software specifically designed to mine other blogs. The following steps will help you create a more secure copyright for your blog.

Step 1

Make your own content distribution license at You can choose how you want your content to be used, whether it's for commercial or non-commercial purposes, or not at all.

Step 2

Create a separate copyright page on your blog clearly displaying your Creative Commons license.

Step 3

Add a line at the bottom of your RSS feeds stating that you own the copyright to the content. This will keep people from stealing your work via RSS feeds.

Step 4

Set up Google Alerts (see "Resources") with key phrases from your blog. Google will email you every time someone else has used the same phrase.

Step 5

If you find your work on another site, contact the site administrator with a link to your distribution license and demand that all of your content be removed from the site. You can find the administrator's email address by using the "Whois" domain registration search (see "Resources").

Step 6

If the administrator refuses to remove the stolen content, report them to Google Safe Browsing (see "Resources"). Google frowns on copyright theft and will remove the offender from their listings.