How to Count Characters in a Word Document

By Foye Robinson

Microsoft Word includes tools that help you manage, edit and review content on your page. Not only can you count words within a document, but you can count the number of characters that are used within the document. The characters may or may not include the spaces between words on your page. Counting the number of characters can be useful if you're required to only include a certain number of characters in your document.

Step 1

Open the document that includes the characters you want to count in Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Click the "Review" tab and go to the "Proofing" group.

Step 3

Click the "Word Count" icon to open the Word Count dialog box.

Step 4

Check "Include textboxes, footnotes and endnotes" to count the characters in those as well. Otherwise, deselect the check box. You'll see a count for "Characters (no spaces)" and "Characters (with spaces)."

Step 5

Click "Close" to return to your document.