How to Create a Book With Word

By Shannon Moudry

Microsoft Word can be used to write many different types of books, such as guide books, picture books and novels. Creating a book with Word can help to significantly decrease the costs associated with book writing and also allow more freedom and flexibility in terms of writing and design. Books made with Microsoft Word can be shared both on-line and off. They can be printed or made into pdf files, allowing them to be easily downloaded from a website.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word software

Step 1

Format the book by applying paragraph and character styles. Choose the format option on the toolbar and click on styles, choose a style from the list by selecting it.

Step 2

Create a template for the book by choosing the “Save As” option on the file menu and choosing a template format under the “Save as type.”

Step 3

Compose the text of the book while periodically clicking the “Save” button. Run spell check throughout the whole document and click save.

Step 4

Create a table of contents for the book by clicking where you would like to insert the table. Choose the “Insert” option on the toolbar and click on the “Reference” tab. Click on the “Index and Tables” option, choose “Table of Contents” and click “ok.”

Step 5

Save the book and print it or change the format of the book to a pdf file to use or download online.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can change styles easily throughout the book by simply using the “Find & Replace” option.
  • Word files can be changed to pdf files by using a free online file converter such as