How to Create a Boot Disc With Chkdsk

By TS Jordan

A boot disk is a disk that the computer can use to load into a non-native operating system for the purpose of troubleshooting or repairing computer issues. Creating a boot disk that contains disk troubleshooting programs such as Checkdisk (chkdsk) is a good idea to get maximal functionality out of your time outside of the normal Windows operating system environment.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank CD
  • Boot disk image containing chkdsk (linked below)
  • CD burning program such as Nero or Roxio

Step 1

Navigate to the page linked under Resources and download a DOS boot image that is either version 5.0 or a more recent version, as those contain chkdsk.

Step 2

Save the image file to your desktop for safe keeping.

Step 3

Open your CD burning program and select the option to create a "Boot CD."

Step 4

Set the boot image file to the DOS image file downloaded during step one.

Step 5

Burn the image to CD to finish creating your boot disk.