How to Create a Brochure in Microsoft Publisher

By Techwalla Computers Editor

A brochure is an effective means to provide information about your company's products and services. Microsoft Publisher's brochure feature allows you to design a customized brochure with text and graphics using similar commands as Word. Save money by creating your company's marketing materials with Microsoft Publisher.

Step 1

Select a brochure design. Click "File" on the main menu and then "New" to open the Catalog Window. Click the "Brochures" option on the Wizards menu, select the desired design from the options and then click "Start Wizard." Enter your business name and contact information in the window prompt. To leave a field blank, delete the sample text in the field. Change the color scheme by clicking "Include color scheme in this set" and selecting the desired colors. Complete the steps in the Brochure Wizard.

Step 2

Enter your text. Place the mouse inside the text box and click once. Type the text or cut and paste from a Word document. Format the font style, size and appearance. Change the size of a text box by moving the mouse over the border until the word "Resize" appears. Click and drag the border to the desired size.

Step 3

Insert photos or clip art. Click "Insert" on the main menu and then select "Picture." Select a picture from your computer or a clip art file. Resize the image by moving the mouse to a corner box until the mouse says "Resize." Click and drag the mouse towards the center of the photo.

Step 4

Edit the text box and layouts as needed. Add a new text box using the text frame tool ("A") on the menu. Place the mouse in the desired insertion location; click and drag to create the desired box size. Move a text box or image by dragging it to the desired location.

Step 5

Finalize and proofread the brochure. Print one copy of the document on paper and test the fold to ensure the text lines up properly.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't have experience using Microsoft Word, take some time to learn the basic functions before creating a brochure in Publisher.
  • As soon as you create the brochure design, save and name the document. Save the document frequently to prevent losing your work in the event of a computer problem.
  • Microsoft Publisher includes additional formatting features that will make your brochure appear more professional. Look at the Help menu to learn how to create borders and background shading.