How to Create a Button in Excel 2007

By Stephanie Ellen

Microsoft Excel 2007 is a spreadsheet software that enables you to keep track of large amounts of data. This data can easily be stored, manipulated, graphed and charted. You can customize Excel in may ways, including writing your own macros (strings of executable commands) that can be executed at the push of a button. Excel buttons can streamline tasks and replace repetitive keystrokes. They can be added anywhere on a spreadsheet and customized to your preference.

Step 1

Click the "Microsoft Office" button located in the top left corner of Excel.

Step 2

Click "Excel Options" (a rectangular button on the bottom right of the panel).

Step 3

Click the "Customize" category from the selection list on the left. Select "All Commands" from the "Choose commands from" drop-down list. Scroll down the list to select the type of button you want to add to your Excel 2007 spreadsheet. For example, if you want to add a macro to a button, choose "Option Button (Form Control)" and click "OK." This adds a button to the "Quick Launch" toolbar (located above the ribbon).

Step 4

Click the button on the Quick Launch toolbar. Left-click anywhere on the spreadsheet and drag the mouse to create a box.

Step 5

Right click-on the button to format the button or assign a macro.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are not familiar with writing code, you can find many popular, pre-written macros on the website. You can also record your keystrokes and create your own macros.