How to Create a Calendar in Microsoft Excel

By Catherine Johnson

Microsoft Excel is a highly versatile spreadsheet program that can be used for more than just calculating numbers. Creating a calendar in Excel allows you to take advantage of its powerful filtering and sorting capabilities. Even if you have large amounts of information about your family or company's events and activities stored in your Excel calendar, Excel makes it easy for you to quickly find the data that you need. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can create a calendar in Microsoft Excel.

Step 1

Go online to download official Microsoft Office templates. Navigate down the site to the "Browse Templates" section. Select "Calendars."

Step 2

On the following page, select the type of calendar you are looking for in the "Browse by Category" section. There are multiple-year and academic year categories, as well as current year calendars.

Step 3

On the left navigation column, go to the "Filter by Product" section. Select "Excel."

Step 4

Browse through the wide variety of available calendar templates. There are calendars spread out over multiple worksheets as well as annual calendars that fit on one page. Find the template whose layout, design, and purpose best suits your needs.

Step 5

Click the title of the template you would like to use. Double-check the larger image of the template to make sure it is the one you want. Click "Download" and check the box to agree to Microsoft's terms and conditions. When your download begins, save your template to an easy to remember location on your computer.

Step 6

Open Microsoft Excel. Go to the "Office" button on the top left corner of the program. Select "New" and click "New from Existing." When the pop-up window opens, navigate to the template file you downloaded to your computer. Click "OK."

Step 7

Customize the colors, fonts, style, and contents of your calendar.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before selecting a calendar template, think carefully about the purpose of your calendar. If you need to write down a lot of information about events and appointments, you will need a calendar with a lot of writing room. If you just need a reference calendar, a one page annual calendar may be sufficient.