How to Create a Company Facebook Page

By Tony Allevato

Facebook is a social networking site that not only connects individuals but also allows companies and other organizations to reach out to their customers and fans. With more than 400 million active users as of 2010, 50 percent of whom use the site daily, a Facebook presence is a valuable resource for a company that wishes to communicate with its followers and also attract new ones with very little effort.

Step 1

Log in to your personal Facebook account and navigate to the Facebook home page. If you do not have a personal Facebook account, you can create one for free (see Resources).

Step 2

Scroll to the bottom of the Facebook home page and click on the "Advertising" link.

Step 3

Click the "Pages" link at the top of the Advertising page, then click the green button labeled "Create a Page."

Step 4

Choose the category that is appropriate for your company. Your page can represent your entire organization, a particular brand or product, or a person or public figure.

Step 5

Enter the name you want to assign to your page, and check the box labeled "Do not make Page publicly visible at this time." This option prevents the page from becoming visible to other Facebook users before you have provided the rest of your content. You will have the option to make the page visible later, as well as the option to hide it again if you need to do so.

Step 6

Click the "Create Page" button. You will be taken to a basic template for the new page. By creating the page, you agree that you are legally authorized to represent the organization or product that will be the subject of the page.

Step 7

Edit the new page. You can do this in a fashion similar to editing your personal Facebook profile, by clicking the "Info" tab and adding any links and company information you wish to provide. You can further configure page settings (such as country and age restrictions, wall settings and applications) or delete the page by clicking the "Edit Page" link underneath the profile picture.

Step 8

To access your page in the future, click the "Ads and Pages" link in the left sidebar of the Facebook home page.