How to Create a Custom Radio Station at Pandora

By Amanda Kondolojy

Although there are plenty of web radio choices available, there is only one that allows you to import representative selections of your music collection to create completely customized radio stations that only play music you like to hear. Pandora is part of the Music Genome Project which utilizes a mathematical algorithm to trace certain musical characteristics. You can harness the power of this project by creating a Pandora radio station. It only takes a few minutes, and your ears will thank you.

Step 1

Go to the Pandora Homepage. A box will appear asking you to log in or sign up. Click on the "Sign Up" link on the very bottom. Enter you email address, a password and some personal information.

Step 2

Check you email. You will have a confirmation email from Pandora with a link that you will have to click to confirm your account. Once you click the link you will automatically be logged in, and will be able to begin making your personal radio station.

Step 3

Think about your favorite song or artist; one that is completely representative of your taste in music, and you never get bored of listening to. Once you have come up with the perfect song or artist, input it in the pop-up text box and hit "Enter."

Step 4

Start listening to music. Pandora will select songs based on the "genes" found in the song or artist you selected. You can further customize your station by giving songs you really like a "Thumbs Up" rating and songs you never want to hear a "Thumbs Down" rating.

Step 5

Add variety to your station. You can add additional songs and artists that you like to your station by clicking the "Station Options," tab, selecting "Add Variety," and entering a new song or artist in the text box.

Step 6

Create new stations. You can have several stations per account on Pandora, just click on the "Create a Station" button above your player, and enter the name of another favorite song or artist, and your station will be automatically created.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also get Pandora radio on your Iphone from the App Store

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