How to Create a Different Header on Each Page

By Jeremy Radey

Many word processors give users the opportunity to enter information into a header. A header is the space on the top of a document where text and graphics can be inserted. Unless modified, the information in a header will be repeated on the top of every page. To create a different header on each page, the document will need to be divided into sections. Once the program recognizes each page as a different section, headers can be individualized on each page of the document.

Step 1

Open your word processor and the document you wish to modify.

Step 2

Click the "Page Layout" tab and click "Breaks." A drop-down menu will appear.

Step 3

Select "Next page" under Section Breaks.

Step 4

Click anywhere on the page of the document with the header you wish to change.

Step 5

Click "Insert," "Header" and "Edit Header."

Step 6

Click "Link to Previous" to deselect this feature. Change the header as needed. Repeat these actions on every page of the document that requires an individualized header.