How to Create a Drop Down Box in Publisher

By Kelley Branch

Form features such as drop down boxes are created with JavaScript. Basically, anything that moves dynamically on the web is scripted. Publisher does not support scripting, but you can work around this using the HTML Code Fragment feature.

Step 1

Get a drop down menu code.

Step 2

Modify your code to suit your needs. The site hosting the script will have instructions for personalizing.

Step 3

Click "Insert," then "HTML Code Fragment." Paste your script into the dialogue box.

Step 4

Resize the placeholder box to the general size of the drop down box. Do not worry that it is just a jumble of code. Since Publisher does not support scripts, there is not much else it can do with it. When you upload the site, however, the script will work. Keep in mind that resizing the placeholder has no effect over the actual menu, only manipulating the code itself will do that. It just gets the code out of your way while you work.

Step 5

Upload your site to check if the code is working properly. One missing or misplaced character in a block of code will disrupt the whole process, so it is always wise to double-check each snippet before moving on.