How to Create a Fax Cover Letter in Microsoft Word

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Creating a fax cover letter using Microsoft Word is a small extra step that you can take to help you look professional. Read on to learn how to create a fax cover letter in Microsoft Word.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word
  • Computer

Step 1

Determine the intent and audience of your fax. This will help you decide on a template to use for your fax cover letter.

Step 2

Open Microsoft Word. You can find it on PC by clicking on "Start" at the bottom of the screen and clicking on "All Programs." On a Mac look in your hard drive's "Applications" folder. Look for Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Office.

Step 3

Click on "Microsoft Office Word Help," located under the Help tab at the top of the screen in Microsoft Word. A search engine will appear at the right of your screen.

Step 4

Type "Create a fax cover letter" in the search engine. Click on the green arrow to the right of the text. A list of results will appear.

Step 5

Browse the results. Click on a few of the results to take a closer look at each of the templates.

Step 6

Decide which template you would like to use and click on the "Download" button at the bottom of the template preview window.

Step 7

Fill out the template, replacing any words or formatting necessary to customize your fax cover letter.

Tips & Warnings

  • Will your fax be in color? Keep that in mind when deciding on the cover sheet.
  • Make sure that you have replaced portions of the template such as "Recipient's name" or "Recipient's company" with the correct information that pertains to your fax.