How to Create a Free Bill of Sale

By Addie Protivnak

You need a bill of sale, which is a document detailing the transfer of personal property, when you sell or buy something like a vehicle. A bill of sale template isn't something everyone keeps at home and it's a nuisance to go to the store and find one. A bill of sale must contain the name and addresses of the seller and buyer, purchase price, description of property, any guarantees or if the property is sold as is, and signatures of both parties. Boat and car bills of sale need a space at the end for witnesses or acknowledgment.

Step 1

Type the words "Bill of Sale" in bold letters and center it in the top middle of the page. Type a new paragraph which reads as follows: "I, (seller's name), in consideration of (the amount of money written) dollars (dollars in numbers), do hereby sell, transfer to (buyer name), the following." Replace the information in parentheses with your real information.

Step 2

Describe the merchandise that's being sold. A car bill of sale needs to have the make, year, car model and Vehicle Identification Number in this space. For a boat, put in the make, model, year, engine number, vessel identification number and vessel registration number. For other items use a description and any identifying numbers.

Step 3

Write another paragraph as a declaration of truth, which reads similar to the following: "I, the undersigned seller, sell the above merchandise to the buyer for the amount shown. I certify that all of the information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge." Substitute "merchandise" with "car" or "boat" if pertinent.

Step 4

Write another paragraph in which the buyer acknowledges the receipt of the Bill of Sale and that the merchandise is sold "as is." Write something like the following: "I, the undersigned buyer, acknowledge receipt of this Bill of Sale and understand there is no guarantee implied on the above property and the property is sold 'as is.'" Put the date on the next line.

Step 5

Print below the date a new line which contains "Seller name: (printed)" followed by a line on which the seller can print his name. On the same line, print "Buyer name: (printed)" followed by a line on which the buyer can print his name. Add a new line and write "Seller signature:" followed by a signature line, and "Buyer signature:" followed by a signature line. Add lines and spaces for the full address and phone number to go under both the seller and buyer names and signatures.

Step 6

Save space at the bottom in case you need witnesses or acknowledgment from a notary. Print out a copy.

Tips & Warnings

  • Explain to the seller what "as is" means.