How to Create a Free Domain Name & Email

By Colleen Collins

Basically, domain names identify web pages (for example, in, is the domain name). Finding and creating a free domain name and email account is relatively easy, just keep in mind that most free domain offers typically require your using a subdomain name and/or accepting advertising on your website. Subdomains work exactly like domains, except instead of, a subdomain name looks like

Step 1

Sign up for free subdomain and email at This service lets you choose between two subdomain names ( or, and includes three free email accounts.To sign up, go to, click the "SIGN-UP NOW!" button, enter the name of your custom website, and click the "Go!" button. On the FreeWebSpace page, be sure to select the "Free Sub-Domain" option, and in the "Web Hosting Packages" table select the "Buy" option for the "Free" package. After pressing the "Next" button, follow the registration instructions. This option permits banners and pop-ups on your website.

Step 2

Sign up for free subdomain and email at This service requires the main domain name, and you sign up for the subdomain name and email account separately. To sign up for the free domain name, go to, click the "Sign Up Now!" button under "Free web Hosting" (item 2), and follow the instructions. To sign up for free email, go to, click the "Sign Up Now!" button under "Free email account" (under item 1), and follow the instructions. Your free website automatically includes online advertising, and your free email account includes a free newsletter, to which you may unsubscribe after registration.

Step 3

Get a free domain name and email through Microsoft. Microsoft Office Live Small Business offers free domain names, including 100 free email accounts and web design tools. Go to, click the "Get Started Free" button at top right of the web page, and follow the instructions. Although this is geared to small businesses, individuals can sign up, too. Unlike the subdomain offers in Steps 1 and 2, Microsoft Office Live only offers a fourth-level domain name (, which is longer and potentially more cumbersome to use. The upside is there's no indication of banners or pop-ups on your website.