How to Create a Free Newspaper Layout

By Susan Reynolds

Making a newspaper does not have to be costly. You can create a free newspaper layout using some basic word processing software, like Microsoft Word or Works. Word/Works are programs that allows you to create custom newspaper templates for future use. Instead of spending money on expensive desktop publishing software, just make some columns on Word or Works and type in your articles. You can even print them out on the same type of paper used by newspapers for an authentic look.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word or Works (any version)

Microsoft Word

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word. Go to "File," "New" to start a new document.

Step 2

Click on "Insert," "Table," "Insert Table." If you are using an older version of Word, select "Insert," "Table."

Step 3

Type in how many columns you want under "Number of Columns." Choose the number of rows and type in that number.

Step 4

Click "OK" to see your table. It will appear small, but will enlarge as you add text.

Step 5

Highlight your table if you want to change the table borders. Click on "Page Layout," "Page Borders." If you are using an older version of Word, select "Format," "Borders and Shading."

Step 6

Pick your border options, such as line thickness and pattern. You can also remove the borders completely.

Step 7

Click on "Preview" to see your selections. Click on "Apply to" if you like the border changes. Uncheck the "Table" box if you want the new border to change your whole table. Go to "File," "Save" to keep your template for later use.

Step 8

Click the "Insert" tab to place a picture within your column.

Step 9

Select "Picture" or "Clip Art" from the menu choices.

Step 10

Click on the picture you want to embed and click "Insert."

Microsoft Works

Step 1

Open Microsoft Works Word Processor. This will create a blank sheet.

Step 2

Go to "Format," "Columns" to pull up the dialog box.

Step 3

Type in the number of columns you want. Choose the amount of space between each column (the default is half an inch). Click "OK" to format your page.

Step 4

Go to "Insert," "Picture" to embed an image of your choice.

Step 5

Choose either "Clip Art," which are graphics preloaded by the program, or "From File." Browse your folders until you find the picture you want to embed. Click "Insert" to embed the image.