How to Create a Gmail Account Without an Email

By Christina Hadley is the eighth most popular website on the Internet, as of April 2011. If you're trying to register for a Gmail email account, but don't yet have an email address, you may still sign up for a Gmail account. It's understandable that a new computer user may be taken back when it's time to provide an email address during the Gmail account registration process -- but the email field within the Gmail account registration page isn't required. The email address request in the Gmail account registration form is an option for users who prefer authenticating an account by way of email, in the event of a lost password or other problem.

Step 1

Visit and click "Create an Account." A page with the heading, "Create an Account" should appear.

Step 2

Type your first and last name into the respective fields, which reside beneath the heading, "Get started with Gmail."

Step 3

Enter a login name into the field titled, "Desired Login Name." Verify its availability by clicking on the "Check Availability" button.

Step 4

Create a strong password that contains punctuation marks, capital and lowercase letters as well as numbers. Enter the password into the "Chose a password" field. Type the password again in the "Re-enter password" field.

Step 5

Check the "Stay signed in" box if you would like to visit other Web pages while you remain logged into the Gmail account.

Step 6

Check "Enable Web History" if you desire future access to your Web browsing history through Google's "Web History" feature.

Step 7

Establish a security question and answer for use if you lose your password.

Step 8

Skip the "Recovery email" field. You may disregard this field by leaving it blank.

Step 9

Indicate the country where you reside in the "Location" drop down menu. The default country is the United States.

Step 10

Enter the date of your birthday. Include the month, day and year that you were born.

Step 11

Verify the characters within the "Word Verification" section. Use upper or lowercase letters as the form field isn't case sensitive.

Step 12

Review Gmail's "Terms of Service."

Step 13

Click "I accept. Create my account" to accept Gmail's terms of service and begin using your new Gmail account.