How to Create a Google Homepage

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

Literally millions of people use Google everyday to do searches. Did you know you could make Google your homepage? Not only can you do this, you are able to actually create a customized page filled with all of the features you need. You will be able to access information that is important to you at any time, right from your homepage. It will take you less than a minute to create a Google homepage and any computer user can do it.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Google Account

Step 1

Access your Google account. Use the link provided in Resources to go to the Google website. If you are not already signed in to your account, do so by clicking on the link in the upper right of the page titled: “Sign in”. First type in your email address and password and after that click on the “Sign in” button to access your account.

Step 2

Choose interests for your Google homepage. The initial decision you must make is about the topics you would like to include on it. There are several for you to choose from. You can place check marks in any of the boxes under “Select Interests” to place them on your page. Some of the available ones are music, technology, news, games, politics, sports, cooking and others. Pick the ones you want. You can always add or delete them later from you page.

Step 3

Decide on a theme and location. You will be shown numerous themes to make a choice from. Simply place a mark in the circle to the left of the theme you want. Next you will have to select a country from the drop down box. To complete your Google homepage, first type in your zip code and then click on the “See your page” button. This opens your newly create Google homepage.

Step 4

Check out your homepage. The main page will have several default topics included in small-boxed areas. This includes YouTube Videos, Weather, Date & Time, Top Stories and more. Depending on your selections, you will also see a number of other “tabs” with the interests’ name that you choose on them. You can easily view them by clicking on the tabs. Each one of them will have several other default topics and additional links full of information. You can return to your main Google homepage by selecting the “Home” tab.

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