How to Create a Graph on Excel

By Erika Dean

Excel is a spreadsheet program that people can use to input data to create reports. If you have compiled data for a report, you may want to consider displaying the data in a graph. It takes only a short time to create a graph in Excel and you can choose from several types of graphs, including pie charts, bar graphs and scatter plots.

Step 1

Open the Excel workbook that has the data you want to use to create a graph, then click the worksheet in which you want to display the graph.

Step 2

Arrange the data you want to use to create the graph. Put the data in rows or columns and make sure you add a header or label to each row or column.

Step 3

Highlight the data you want to use and click the "Insert" tab from the Excel ribbon.

Step 4

Select a graph category from the "Charts" section of the ribbon. A drop-down menu will open that displays several graphs you can choose from in the category you selected.

Step 5

Click one of the graphs from the drop-down menu. The graph will show up on your spreadsheet.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want to add to the data you used to create the graph, right-click the graph and click "Select Data" from the menu that opens. Click "Add" and highlight the additional data that you want to be displayed in the graph.

References & Resources