How to Create a Link in Email

By Sonia Waring

If you type a URL into an email message without creating a link for it, the recipient of the message won't be able to click on it to bring up the website. Of course, the recipient could simply copy the address and then paste it into his browser, but if you hyperlink the URL (""), the person to whom you send the message will be able to click on the address, which will appear underlined, and automatically visit the link in his default browser. The following assumes that you are using the email client that comes with Windows; the process is similar for any mail client.

Step 1

Open Windows Mail (Outlook Express for pre-Vista users). Begin composing a new message or reply to a message that you received.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" menu and choose "Hyperlink."

Step 3

Type or paste the URL you want to link. Include the "http://" or similar at the beginning of the address.

Step 4

Click "OK."

Tips & Warnings

  • To create a link that doesn't use the same text as the URL, type the word or phrase first. For example, if you want to create a link to your blog, type "my blog." Then highlight the word and proceed with Step 2. Enter the hyperlink as in Step 3. After you click "OK," the words "my blog" will appear in blue or purple and underlined.
  • If you access your email on a website instead of in a client, the compose window is typically a bit different. Instead of using the "Insert" menu, look for an icon that represents a few linked rings or a globe with links. Click this icon to insert a hyperlink.