How to Create a Link to Facebook On Website

By Techwalla Contributor

Often times you will need to create a link to Facebook on websites, luckily this is a fairly easy task. Pasting the actual URL onto your blog or website isn't as attractive as the actual HTML code you can use to create a hard link to Facebook on your website. Facebook is a growing social network and one of the top searched websites on the Internet. The more search engine optimization you can have to your specific Facebook link the better your website and view count will become.

Things You'll Need

  • Facebook account
  • Website or blog

Step 1

Go to your personal blog or website you want to get a Facebook link on. Open your website editor function where you can insert text and posts.

Step 2

Open the specific post or text box that you want the Facebook link posted to.

Step 3

Paste the anchor HTML text example on the website under the additional resources into the text box or post area on your website. Change the title (currently "Your Anchor Link Text Goes Here") and website (currently "yourdomain") to your Facebook link. Once posted, this will display a blue highlighted, underlined text of the title you named your Facebook link. The text will be click-able and will go to the website you pasted into the anchor HTML text.

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