How to Create a Mailing List With Excel

By Emmanuelle Douglas

A mailing list can be created by using Excel as the data source in the Mail Merge. Mail Merge lets you specify a data source and format the labels in Microsoft Word. Once the format is complete, you can print, save or email the list. By using the Mail Merge wizard to create your labels, you are able to organize your list with its Excel source with a step-by-step wizard. This is helpful if you have limited experience with Excel or Word.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word 2007 and select the "Mailing" tab. Select "Start Mail Merge." Select "Letters." Type your letter for your mailing list. Leave space at the top of the letter for the Excel mailing data. Click "Select Recipients" to add the mailing list to your letter. Change the file option to "Excel Files" and browse your computer for the Excel mailing list. Click the file and select "Open."

Step 2

Add your mailing list data by clicking the "Insert Mail Merge" button on the ribbon. Click the space in your document that will hold your mailing list address data. Click "Insert Mail Merge" and select the "first name." Press the space bar and select "last name" from "Insert Mail Merge." Add the address information to the label by using the "Insert Mail Merge" button.

Step 3

Click "Preview Results" to see how the mailing list looks on your letters. If no changes are needed, click "Finish and Merge." Select "Edit Individual Documents." Word will display all of your letters with your mailing list data from Excel.