How to Create a Microsoft Calendar

By Francine Richards

Calendars can be created in several Microsoft applications including Word, PowerPoint and Excel. These software applications are easy-to-use to create calendars and will provide you with an efficient and visually appealing end product. Using either a predefined installed template, an online template or starting from scratch with a blank presentation, creating a calendar using Microsoft Office applications can be done in a few steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office

Step 1

Open Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or Excel. In PowerPoint, Word or Excel 2010, select "File" and "New." In PowerPoint, Word or Excel 2007, click the Microsoft Office button on the ribbon and select "New."

Step 2

Select the "Calendars" heading under Office Online templates to find a template type. A list of calendar templates will appear. The calendar templates in PowerPoint and Excel 2010 and 2007 include calendars from 2007 to 2010, academic calendars and even an Advent calendar. Word 2010's templates also include 2011 calendars.

Step 3

Click on the calendar type you want and, within the calendar types, select a specific template design by double clicking it to begin the download. The download will automatically begin without leaving the application.

Step 4

Customize your calendar. In PowerPoint you can change colors and font themes by going to the "Design" tab and selecting a different design template. In Word and Excel, theme changes are made from the "Page Layout" tab. The new design theme will apply to the entire calendar.

Step 5

Add in text and graphics. Insert birthdays, social gatherings and appointments by positioning your cursor to the appropriate day and start typing. You can select the "Insert" tab to place photos, pictures or clip art in your calendar. All graphics can be moved and resized as you desire. Customization can be made from month-to-month and printed as "current page only" for month by month printing or in its entirety as a wall calendar.