How to Create a Picture Slideshow With Music

By Hunter Taylor

Slideshows can be created quickly and easily using Microsoft PowerPoint. Adding music will not only spice up the presentation but keep the audience engaged.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Step 1

Open PowerPoint, and click on Insert, then Picture from File.

Step 2

Navigate to the picture you want to insert. For this example, JPEGs will be used; other picture types can be used.

Step 3

Click on Open to insert the picture.

Step 4

Go to Home, New Slide, Blank to insert a new blank slide into the slide show.

Step 5

Repeat to add the pictures and slides as needed.

Step 6

Go to Insert, Sound, From File to insert the music file into the slide show.

Step 7

Navigate to the sound file then click "OK." When it asks how to start the sound, select When Clicked.

Step 8

Click on the sound icon, then go to Options, Play Sound: Play across all slides. This will ensure that the sound does not stop as the slide show progresses.

Step 9

Click on Slide Show, and go to From the Beginning to play the slide show from the beginning with the sound. Save the file.

Tips & Warnings

  • Music, narratives and special effects can be added to the slideshow. The size of the sound icon can be adjusted or hidden completely. Slide shows with music can also be created online.
  • Save the file to prevent any lost work. Do not let the sound effects or music take away from the message of the presentation.