How to Create a Signature for Yahoo Email

By Techwalla Contributor

Adding a signature to your yahoo email is an easy way to add some personality to your online presence. Use your favorite song lyric, quote or even promote your website when you create a signature in your yahoo email.

Things You'll Need

  • Yahoo email account
  • Internet Access

Step 1

Log in to your yahoo email account. On the right hand side on the screen, find the "Options" link and select it.

Step 2

From the options menu, find the "Signature" section on the left hand menu. This is where we will add our signature for our yahoo email account.

Step 3

Change the option from "Do not use a signature" to "Show a signature on all outgoing messages". Enter your text in the box exactly as you want it to appear. When you are complete select the "Save Changes" disk icon.

Step 4

After saving your changes, you will be redirected back to your inbox. Let's test our new signature by sending an email to ourselves. Select "New email" and address the email to you. In the subject line and the body, enter the word "test". Now hit send.

Step 5

Check your email and open the new message that you just sent to yourself. Make sure your signature appears exactly as you want it. If you are not happy with how it looks, go back to Options->Signature and edit your signature as desired. Remember to save your new version when you are happy with it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add the url for your website to your signature to increase traffic and promote your website!