How to Create a Sirius Satellite Radio Station

By Aaron Reynolds

Despite the speculation that radio is a dying media form, radio survived the television boom and now is expanding to the Internet and satellite. Do you love radio? Ever dream about owning a station or broadcasting? Understand that a radio station is not that hard to found or run.

Starting the Radio Station

Step 1

Obtain a license to run a radio station from Sirius XM. Licenses cost some money and can be difficult to get. The main point is to stress your original concept and how the audience will benefit from its broadcasts. Doing a little extra homework, such as making a business plan and audience analysis, never hurts.

Step 2

Decide on a station name and type of music. You cannot just play general music from all genres. People tune into the radio because they want to hear a certain type of music. Find a genre and stick to it. Classic rock, top 40, and country are popular, as is talk radio.

Step 3

Purchase the equipment needed to run the station. This includes broadcast transmitters and microphones. You need a computer to play music as well. Automated software is very popular in the radio industry, although music programs like iTunes can work, too.

Step 4

Hire staff and assign shows. Some radio stations on the Internet only use two to three DJs. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay and what types of shows you want. Pick certain special shows or days where you give away prizes or awards.

Step 5

Find advertisers to finance your station. Advertisers in radio, like all media outlets, are the primary source of income. Advertisers want to run ads on radio stations, especially stations that have a large following. Finding advertisers at first is difficult, but will improve with time. Offer special discounts and deals to entice advertisers to join the station.